Meditation: Solar Isis & The Lion’s Gate

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Meditations – lead by Anna Vanickova and Petra van der Linden – Brussen

In this series of meditations, we connect with the deep healing power and guidance of the Christ Lion & Lioness, the Ancient Crowned Ones from the Great Central Sun, and Isis in the Temple of Melchizedek on Orion. We are guided into frequencies of Divine Truth, which we hold through a unified field with our human brothers and sisters. A powerful field of healing for the higher heart & third eye is created with the help of the green-gold etheric crystal from the Ancient Ones, and we are guided to become aware that our inner waters are a universal apothecary.

1) Reclaiming Noble Leadership
2) The Green-Gold Crystal Alchemical Transmutation
3) The Indigo Flame of Divine Truth & Unconditional Love

These are not meditations for relaxation. They help to activate your inner light and divinity, as they are encoded with very high frequencies to support your awakening process.

You will find that every time you repeat the meditations, you will have a completely different experience. Often you will hear the meditations in a completely new way, with an entirely new resonance that matches your new state of consciousness. Each repetition will bring a new wave of revelation and will entrain you into the field of miracles in a fresh way.