ONLINE COURSE ‘We are the Ones we have been waiting for”

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This course has been conceived to support you in your spiritual awakening. Spiritual emergence is a process of YOU emerging into the world as your True Self. As you awaken, you will see that deeply encoded in you is a connection to many, if not all, the themes presented in this course.

The materials are intended to re-awaken you through heart-based high-frequency codes. This awakening opens you to the reality of your multi-dimensionality and highest potential. Through this course, we offer you the possibility of entering into a deep process with yourself. Within this process, you will learn about, reflect on, and do deep research into your own process of spiritual awakening. Using an interactive workbook, videos, and audio recordings, you are invited to begin, or deepen, a journey into your own Inner Mystery. As you delve deeper, layer by layer, at your own pace, your True Self will emerge.

This course is designed to give you daily support in these times of great
transition. It provides knowledge, guidance, empowerment,
refreshment and clarity

What does this online course include?

  • A total of 12 modules with a large variety of ascension themes, including: the heart, heart walls, soul trauma, the pineal gland, alignment, meditation, multidimensional living, the light body, the merkaba, the angelic realms, the galactic realms, solar plasma, Twin Ray consciousness, and the natural architecture of the Self.
  • Deep re-connection with your heart space
  • Many hours of guided meditations
  • Teachings on multidimensional, high frequency realities now existing on Gaia
  • Deep re-connection to your creative potential
  • Visualizations, prayers and affirmations
  • Discovery and transformation
  • Guidance and teachings in videos and audios
  • Your own authentic voice and internal power
  • Nutrition & Prana
  • Re-connection to Gaia and to the One Heart
The online course is available for 2 years from the subscription date.
The course is designed for independent study.

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I am financially stable and in a position to contribute economically to the well-being and development of Mary Magdalene's School. I feel it is a part of my path to contribute to making this world the paradise it was designed to be, and I know that my financial contribution will empower projects with this aim through the school.

Price level 2

€ 555,- (incl VAT)

I am taking an empowered step to invest in myself and the evolution of my own consciousness, knowing that when I invest in the expansion of my own consciousness I deepen my sovereignty and step into a position of helping others in their liberation.

Price level 3

€ 444,- (incl VAT)

I am part of the Re-membership Program and this price reflects the commitment I have already made to my personal ascension process, as well as the advantage of being a part of the MMS community, which is dedicated to spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness. Please use the coupon code for access to this price.

After you register, you will receive an email (please check your SPAM-box in case you do not receive the mail) with the LINK and LOGIN to the ONLINE Mary Magdalene’s Academy. The course will start immediately and you will receive a new module every five days. All previous modules will remain accessible so that you can follow the course at your own pace.

We do not recommend this course to people who have a history of mental illness. The material in this course requires you to be very grounded and able to integrate the teachings and energies in a balanced manner.

** This course is based on the 2020 online retreat "We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For". Several meditations are taken from this retreat.

1 review for ONLINE COURSE ‘We are the Ones we have been waiting for”

  1. Rafael McMaster

    I am so grateful I have found these sacred teachings for inner transformation – that I had always hoped had existed, but didn’t have a way to find or access. I’m only partway through the course and already I am beginning to feel and see a shift already in how I think, how I feel, and how I experience and respond to reality… As more dimensions become available to me through these sacred teachings and my Inner Alchemy and growth – I can experience new levels of energy, consciousness, and reality that I wasn’t sure were possible for me. I can now see with more clarity the path to my True Essence…thank you Anna and Petra for making this course possible and available to all…

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