Meditation: We are the awaited ones (ENG)

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This series includes a wide variety of meditations including journeys to lesser-known earth realms,
initiations and healing in etheric temples, and activations of one’s inner light and divinity.

Level: These are meditations for experienced meditators.

Language: English

Meditations in this Series:
1. Dissolving Old Structures with the Violet Flame
2. Connecting with the 2nd Dimension
3. Green Healing Flame and Jade Temple
4. Inner Solar Light Meditation
5. Perfect Body Meditation
6. Golden Temple and the Resurrection of the New Jerusalem
7. Voyage to the Whales in Inner Earth
8. Crystal Gift of the Kogi Mamas (Elders)
9. I am One with Mother Divine
10. Pineal Gland Laser Meditation