Meditation: The Neo-Lemurian Human & Lion’s Gate (ENG)

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Meditations – lead by Anna Vanickova and Petra van der Linden – Brussen

Series of four meditations:

1. Golden Race DNA Activation through The Christos Great Central Sun
We are guided through the Sacred Space of the Heart, the field of Unconditional Love, to work with our DNA strands and Kundalini Life force.
2. Birth of the New Human
This meditation is a live transmission of the closing meditation during World Unity Week 2021. A deep connection of all Life-honoring forces on Earth is established through the quantum unified field.

3. Lion’s Gate Chalice of One
We are guided to connect through our Inner Solar Portal to our Sun, to Sirius and to the Diamond Core of Gaia Earth. We become aware of all the Solar Stars, the Golden Suns in the Multiverse, sending us their great life force power and Genesis Creation Codes. Our human body becomes our Sacred Chalice, made of pure gold.

4. Lemurian Temple Healing
We are brought to a beautiful Lemurian Temple of Peace, which exists in the 5th dimension. This Temple is a Healing Temple and has an extraordinary energy that influences all of our atoms as soon as we enter.