Meditation: The Great Re-Genesis (ENG)

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These meditations, led by Anna Vanickova and Petra van der Linden – Brussen, arose from Mary Magdalene’s Great Re-Genesis 2021 global online gathering.

This set of recorded meditations offers 7 journeys and over 4 hours of unique, consciousness expanding healing journeys to align you with your inner creation power. This series helps you heal, purify and transmute all incoherent and artificial energies and helps unleash the potential of the seeds of creation you carry within. The meditations help you to connect at a much deeper level with the Divine Creator Being living in you.

Under the guidance of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, we take a journey to connect with the seeds of creation. This begins with the re-unification of the human family, in the field of many light beings. As Human Creators, we prepare ourselves to seed the seeds given to us by Divine Grace, seeds that will germinate, grow and blossom. From one of the Original Earth Temples in Africa, to the Isis and RA Temples in Egypt and to the stone plateau in the Andes, we are guided through various purifications, healings, and initiations.

We come to recognize air as an alchemical gift before moving into a ceremony in the Solar Tradition, which is held in the field of the Divine Mother of all Creation. Sacred Golden Cobras bless us with their presence in two important Egyptian temples. A new alchemical earth plasma is used to heal our eyes through a Sacred Eye Washing Ritual, and this prepares us for the revelation and illumination of the Sacred Eye. The Ancient Blue-Green Soul Stone resurrects our soul when it is brought back to the Blue-Green Flame on the shores of Lake Titicaca. Your heart is healed of heart walls, and all frozen heart consciousness is brought back to life, restoring the full potential of your alchemical heart. The Planetary Council liberates you of any remaining artificial creations in your system, and Gaia invites you to co-create with her as an equal. Your immaculate Source Light is restored. 


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