Meditations – The Great Passage (ENG)

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Meditations, Transmissions and Initiations – lead by Anna Vanickova and Petra van der Linden – Brussen – which were revealed throughout the Great Passage online event.

These recordings are sacred tools to support you in healing old patterns and expanding your consciousness to align with the New Earth. We recommend they be used as a 21-day process. This package offers 8 journeys and over more then 3 hours of unique, consciousness expanding healing journeys for alignment with the New Earth Christed grid. These are not meditations for relaxation. They are transmissions that activate your DNA, and they create the ideal conditions to receive initiations on the inner planes. They are coded with the energies of the many light beings that were guiding us and working with us during this passage. (Among them: Mary Magdalene and Jeshua, AA Micheal and his army of angels, AA Metatron, the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Lemurian High Council, St. Germain, Merlin and the Divine Mother in many of her forms).