Meditation: Resurrection the Original Etheric Earth Temples Complexes (ENG)

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Meditations, Transmissions and Initiations – lead by Anna Vanickova and Petra van der Linden – Brussen

This series of three meditations uses the White-Gold Ray of the Great Central Sun as Cosmic Medicine that brings healing to the Earth realms. It purifies and brings healing to all life on Earth, and supports the resurrection of six original earth temple complexes. The Ray also supports the activation of intergalactic portals, pyramid systems and the spinal column of Gaia. It re-calibrates the human system and creates a field of redemption for millions of human beings. 

1. Resurrection of the Original Etheric Earth Temples
Six Christ Temple Complexes are Activated

2. Activation of the Crystalline Spinal Cord with the White-Gold Ray
Becoming a Transmitter of Higher Frequency Realities

3. The Great Return to Love
The Redemption of Millions of Humans


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