Meditation: Reconnecting to Cave Sanctuaries (ENG)

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Meditations – lead by Anna Vanickova and Petra van der Linden – Brussen
In this Cave Set, we are blessed by the sacredness of the cave sanctuaries. They are Gaia’s natural temples and their unique portals bring us to new unchartered realms of consciousness.
  1. Activation of Colored Crystal Caverns
    We travel to northern Chile, where we start our visit to a very special network of caves, hosting crystals unlike any we have previously known, thus activating Gaia’s Diamond Grid. Through this Grid, we begin to build our Diamond Body.
  2. Cave of Christos Sophia – Pearls of Wisdom from the Lineage
    We are guided into the field of unconditional Love held by the Christos Sophia, the Keeper of the Principle of Creation. Through her infinite presence we connect to the field of Wisdom of the One Heart and to our inner pearls of wisdom.