Meditation: Coronation of the Sacred Masculine (ENG)

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Meditations – lead by Anna Vanickova and Petra van der Linden – Brussen – which were revealed throughout the Coronation from the Sacred Masculine online gathering.

This package offers 8 journeys and over 4 hours of unique, consciousness expanding healing journeys for alignment with the New Earth Christed grid. Through this series, we are anointed by Mary Magdalene, with the Christos Sophia guiding us into a deep field of forgiveness. We are led through a purification of the Soul Chakra to cleanse all deformed structures and templates which were not coded through unconditional love. We allow the Diamond-Platinum-Pearlescent Ray to move through all the chakras and deep into the Earth Realms and we use the sacred technique of Heart Dreaming to create the New Earth. Through numerous forgiveness processes, we dissolve heart walls and chords of attachment to which we have lost our power.

We move the collective psyche out of the shadow in collaboration with the White Ones, Grandmother Bear, Grandfather Eagle, the Crystal Skulls, and many more, to reinstall the swastika’s original divine design. These process help us to make a quantum leap from Oneness in Duality to Oneness in Unity. As the energy field becomes stronger, we accelerate our ascension process by embodying greater soul energy with the help of the Magenta Dragons. Grandmother Spider and Crow Mother bring in new realms of consciousness and we remove the seeds of hatred planted long ago in humanity in order to fertilize the human consciousness in a beautiful new way through the Arc of the Covenant.


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