Mary Magdalene’s Great Passage: Journey into the New Earth THE BOOK + Recorded Meditations (ENG)

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The content of this book originated in the 3-week global online gathering Mary Magdalene’s Great Passage. In this gathering, we rejoiced at collectively inhabiting the space of the One Heart, with 15 000 participants from 150 countries around the world!

This book is a tool for your ascension. Through the ancient practices of heart imagery and inner alchemy, delivered through new scripture and initiatic meditations, this book supports you in stepping into your true sovereignty – the Unity Consciousness of the era that is dawning now.

“The book touched me in my heart. Tears came. You really have to say YES, because it is not just a book” – Vera Holland

The New Earth is here and it lives within, waiting only to be awakened into being. You are an embodiment of the New Earth! You are a beacon of hope and remembering for the entire cosmos! It is time now for you to live fully the role that you were born to play in the awakening of humanity!

The multidimensional nature of this tome mirrors your own multidimensional self. It will support you in becoming the sovereign author of your own tale while you connect with the content within. With the great number of Light Beings who are present to help you, you will be guided from your Sacred Heart to restore your relationship to the Divine Mother. The meditations in this book bring you into resonance with unconditional love, compassion, and self-acceptance, which form the foundation for all healing and growth.

“This is a guide to our journey Home” – Nick de Zwart

This book holds 8 written meditations and the sacred teachings of each. With this special set price you will receive access to the original live audio recordings from Mary Magdalene’s Great Passage online gathering.