Meditation: Cosmic Soulstice – The Inner Sophia Christ Awakens (ENG)

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Meditations – lead by Anna Vanickova and Petra van der Linden – Brussen

Mary Magdalene, initiate of the Egyptian Solar Temple tradition, gifts us with two powerful solarisation transmissions. Solarisation is a very ancient alchemical technique. In India, it has traditionally been called a Surya process, which is about harnessing the sun power, the cosmic power, the divine power. These transmissions serve to connect us to the Divine Mother, to expand the light of our soul, as well as to awaken our higher consciousness and innate healing abilities. Through these journeys, you realize that your inner sun is an emanation of the Sophia Christ Consciousness and that you are in a process of becoming aware of your own magnificence.

1. Sophia Christ Awakening with the White-Gold Ray
2. Your Inner Sophia Christ Sun

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Beltaine meditations

Thank you. Our gatherings are co creation. I am so grateful. The medecine we as humanity needs now.

Susan Ackerman
The Beltane Gateway

Beautiful, as always. My favorite was the use of Love, Peace, Harmony, Joy.
Thank you.

Virginia Nabavi
Beautiful meditations

I treated myself to this for the school’s 3rd birthday as i had been drawn to it for a while. It is a lovely mixture of short and longer meditations taking me deeply into myself in a very gentle way. It offers a delightful and illuminating journey into myself -a very good foundation to some of the Schools longer programmes. Thank you -I shall revisit these many times! Xxx

Paula Hansson

With the help of these inspiring meditations I can feel the Presence back in my heart. It has been hard for me to keep the connection for the past few years but now I'm back on track. Thank You both, thank you Jesus, Mary Magdalene and all ascended masters and beings of light.