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We are so honored to be able to do this sacred work with our world-wide community! We feel it is what we have been waiting for our whole lives and what we incarnated to do! Every time our community of light workers meets and works collectively, we feel like we have made another step into manifesting the Earth we dream of in our hearts. It all feels so aligned and miraculous!

We open ourselves to doing this work, fully aware that we are completely dependent on the financial donations of those participating in this process. Our work can only continue through the financial generosity of each and every one of you, and every small amount helps us to evolve our service to the world.

Donations serve to pay our production assistant, technical staff and operations, communications costs, as well as to build the web pages of the School and develop further programming. In addition to these expenses, we are now working intensely on the publication of a Trilogy, which requires substantial financial investment.

We trust in the benevolence of the universe and we are deeply grateful for your financial contributions, as this allows our team to give back to humanity in an ever-greater way.

We thank you from the depth of our hearts for your support.